Milk Carton Craft Organizer

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Milk cartons are one of the most used recyclables in my wastebin. I love drinking milk a lot, so I consume basically a lot of milk cartons. So I decided to create some useful stuffs with milk cartons that are lying around in my waste bin, instead of just throwing them around.

There are a lot of craft tutorials around the web on how you can make use of milk cartons, but for this simple project, I decided to create organizers, because I badly needed them too. I needed to organize my craft materials so that I won’t be looking for them inside a big box where I used to stuff them.

Materials used:
Used Milk Cartons (You have to rinse them thoroughly from milk residue)
Retractable Knife
Colored Paper or Scrapbook Paper
Decorative Tape ( You can use a paper tape, washi tape or fabric tape, but for this project I used a plaid fabric tape.)
Transparent Tape

First Thing I did was to pile up all the materials I need. I needed 9 milk cartons for this project.
Then I cut of the milk cartons, creating something like a staircase.
Then I covered them with scrapbook paper, and labeled them with bond paper taped with a decorative fabric tape. And this is how it looked like:

Hope you liked this simple project. Anyway, I just like to promote recycling and refurbishing waste materials. I love saving mother earth by being frugal and recycling stuff.