DIY Baby Wrap

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So i just gave birth to my second child, another baby girl. So that gives me two girls to play with. Anyway, I wanted to bring along my baby with me whenever I attend bible group or shop grocery. So I wanted a carrier that will help me do that with ease. Although I already have a carrier, I don't think it wills suit my 2 month old.

I searched the internet for a good one and I have found of the best, the Moby Wrap and the Baby K'tan carriers. I found the Baby K'tan easier to use, as I am easily confused with using the Moby Wrap. But unfortunately, I can not afford it. So I looked for ways in which I can make one myself. And I found an easy tutorial. This tutorial really helped me a lot.

Here are the steps on how I made mine:

First, I prepared the materials:

Three t-shirts of the same size (Mine was XL since I have a big baby. You can also use shirts of same color so that it would look color coordinated.) Then a pair of scissors, make sure they can cut your fabric, or better find a fabric scissor.

So here is the step by step process:
1. Prepare your t-shirts.
2. Fold them horizontally across the armpit of the shirt.
3. Cut them crosswise from where you folded it. Do steps 1-3 for the second and third shirts and set aside.
4. Take the top portion of the shirt from your leftovers and cut one sleeve.
5. This will yield you something like the picture in No.5.
6. Then stitch it in between the two shirts you cut previously. You can handstitch or use a sewing machine.
7. For the third shirt, fold it diagonally, then cut it on the first layer. So that it would look like a parallelogram.
8. Wear them all together and put the baby inside so it would look something like the photo on No.8.

So here is how I look using my very own DIY Baby Wrap:

In this photo, the baby is asleep and I used some part of the wrap to cover her head as well to protect her from the cold but still making sure that she can breath well and that the chin does not touch her chest. The head of the baby should be high enough so you can kiss him/her.

Hope you'll have success in making your own Baby wrap.

Note: Before you use this DIY Baby Wrap make sure you read how to wear your baby safely. Here are some useful links: