Decorate Shoes with Beads

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I have made a few tutorials about DIY Shoe Makeovers but this is the makeover I've always wanted to do: Decorate shoes with beads. Yes, beads are lovely and I want them on my shoes. 

But then I don't want to ruin a very pretty leather shoe so I decided that I put them on a fabric shoe instead. Shoes made of fabric is very comfortable to wear and if partnered with beads it will look more lovely.

So here is how I did this project. I first grabber the materials I needed:

A pair of shoes in fabric material. I bought two pars since they were sold for buy 1 take 70% off the next pair. So I decided I loved these two colors: purple and black, since I have these in my wardrobe. You can also try this project on leather, it's just that when you want to remove the design, the needle marks will show.

You will of course need beads for decorating. I bought mine at our local store. There are lots of online beads stores which you can buy beads from. But I advice that you decide on your design first, to save money and time.

Then I also bought a pair of fancy earrings, I bought a pair which has holes on its sides so I can sew them on.

You will also need thread and needle. You can choose a thread that is of the same color with your shoe so that it will not look too obvious.

Then lastly, I sewn the beads on to my shoes with the design I like and here it looks:

Hope you learned something here. Will be posting more projects soon.

You can also check these shoes at $20 if you want o try this project:

Click on the image to check price.