Ikea DIY Projects to Make at Home

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Ikea features Scandinavian modern style furniture that can be easily assembled and eco-friendly as well. Ikea is a popular brand that has been patronized by a lot of people worldwide because of its simplicity.

Some people on the other hand, view Ikea furniture as cheap and lacks style. But to many DIY savvy crafters this is not a problem , instead a challenge on how to make something elegant out of a simple looking furniture.

There are actually various styles of furniture available from Ikea. From living room furniture, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom accessories, name it and they have it. Therefore, tons of furniture and accessories to craft, design and recreate.

Here are several ideas that can help inspire you and guide you in recreating and reinventing your simple furniture to something elegant and functional.

Ikea DIY - Expidit

Awesome DIY Project Using the Expidit Bookcase

1. Playroom Toy Storage @ iheartorganizing.blogspot.com

  • This is a simple way you can use the expidit bookcase, flip it horizontally and place baskets ot bins and place your toys inside. Nice idea isn't it?

2. Doll House grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com

  • This is something i haven't thought of, but it would be great for dolls less than 11' in height. It also make for a doll house with lots of rooms.

3. Work Table @ apartmenttherapy.com

  • This would be a great work table as you can store lots of stuff below your desk.

4. Diaper Changing Table @ cape27blog.com

  • Diaper tables needs a lot of storage to store those diapers and other baby accessories. This would be a useful and efficient diaper changing table if I may say.

5. Abstract Bookcase @ ikeahackers.net

  • If you're bored with how the expidit bookcase looks, this would a great project to make.

6. Kitchen Storage with Flip-down Table @ dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com

  • This only proves how versatile this bookcase can be if you have creativity. A great addition to anyone' kitchen.

7. Bookcase Headboard @ designdazzle.com

  • For those who love to read, especially before they sleep at night and those who loves to store lots of books in their bedroom, this would be something worth to try.

8. Built-in Bookcase @ springpad.com

  • Of course, it is meant to be a bookcase, but you can add a built-in look with this tutorial.

Alex Drawer

1. Decoupaged Drawer @ Sheekgeek.org

2. Makeup Organizer @ /thefrugalcloset.blogspot.com

3. Simple Office Table @ thehouseofsmiths.com

4. Drawer Inside Wardrobe @ hellocotton.com

5. Office Work Table @ bhg.com

6. Stamp Organizer @ splitcoaststampers.com

7. Craft Room Organizer @ askannamoseley.com

8. Office Desk @ shelterness.com

Lack Table DIY

1. Lego Table @ angryjuliemonday.com

2. Office Desk Shelving @ 2ndfloorliving.com

3. Table with Lights @ shelterness.com

4. Bottle Cap Table Revamp@ savedbylovecreations.com

5. Simple Lack Hack @ littlegreennotebook.blogspot.ca

6. Nailhead Side Table@ clementineandolive.blogspot.com

7. Sisal Rope Table @ sparklepantsgirl.com

8. Upholstered Ottoman @ apartmenttherapy.com

9. Kitchen Island @ apartmenttherapy.com

Ikea Drawer DIY

1. Dorothy Draper Style Drawer @ marcusdesigninc.blogspot.com

2. Craft Room Organizer @ askannamoseley.com

3. Side Table @ aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.com

4. Campaign Chest @ forchicsake.com

5. Stained Wood Dresser @ abirdsleap.com

6. Dresser with Fabric Accent @ designsponge.com

7. Single Bed with Drawers @ shropshirescrappersuz.blogspot.com

8. Decoupaged Drawer @ Sheekgeek.org

9. Chinese Inspired Rast Drawers @ designmanifest.com

10. Apricot Drawer @ livethemma.ikea.se

Ikea Billy Book Case Projects

1. Hidden Craft Room @queenlila.com
2. Room Divider @ ikeahackers.net

3. Secret Passage @ gizmodo.com
4. Closet System @ southernrevivals.blogspot.com

5. Mudroom Divder @ polkadotchair.com
6. Arched Built-in Bookshelves @ littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com

Ikea Trofast Drawers DIY

Lego Table @ allfortheboys.com
Loft Bed @ apartmenttheapy.com
Diaper Changing Table @ hellocotton.com

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