Teen Girls Guide to Finding Great School Shoes

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For teenage girls, fashion is something that should not be left behind. Thus, in finding shoes fit for school they consider fashion and style as one criteria for choosing their shoes.

This page will provide you top fashionable and stylish shoes for school girl on their teens as well as some tips on how to wear them. I will also provide great fashion finds for those teens on a budget. Hope you find a teen girls school shoes fit for your pretty girl.

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Ballet flats are classic. You can always wear one any time of the year and they never go out of fashion. Always stock a good pair of ballet flats in your school shoe collection. You can revamp the shoe if your want to give it a new style. It is easy to add accents on ballet flats, such as flower, bow, and studs.

A studded ballet flat looks stylish. There different designs of studded ballet flats that you can choose from. Some are studded only at the front, some only at the back part, while some are studded entirely.

A ballet flat with and elasticized collar makes the shoe cling more to your feet, thus making it more comfy. Find a right pair of elasticized ballet flats to go with your school clothes.

How to Wear Your Ballet Flats

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Ballet Flats on a Budget


Flex Loafers

This flexible loafer from Anne Klein provides great style as well as comfort. For school girls it's always important to feel comfortable with all the clothes and accessories you wear so it can make you comfortable all day long until your finish the school day.

How to Wear Your Loafers

Mary Janes

Mary Jane Flats
Mary Jane will always be in the fad. They come in different colors and styles. Find a nice and comfy mary jane shoes that can go with either a dressy outfit or even a ragged one.

How to Wear Your Mary Janes


Neon Oxford
Add a unique twist to the traditional oxford shoes. Neon colors goes nicely together with black. This black oxford with pink sole is a good example of a stylish and in the fad oxfords to go together with your school outfit.

How to Wear Your Oxfords

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Wedges provides not only style and comfort but also additional height. It is actually much preferable as compared to lipstick heels as it provides more support to your feet. Thus it is more advisable to wear in lieu of the high heels most especially for women on the go and those who would be wearing the shoe for quite a long time all day.

Wedge sandals looks great on girly outfits. Find one that will fit your style and will go with any color of outfit.

How to Wear Your Wedge

If your'e up for comfort, you can never go wrong with a good pair of sneakers.

A good pair of sneakers is a must have if you love comfy shoes. A pair of sneakers from Keds is one of the most loved classics. You can choose from a number of designs they have.

How to Wear Your Sneakers

Who says boots are not for school? Boots are comfy too and can be worn not only with pants but with a dress as well. Find a good pair of boots that can be used together with your school outfits.

Floral boots can be worn with a dress or skinny jeans. Sport one and flaunt your rock star style.

How to Wear Your Boots