Best Baby Wrap

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Baby wearing is a way of carrying your baby that has been practiced ages ago but a lot of parents in modern times due to the manufacturing of different baby gears have forgotten the importance and the comfort of wearing your baby.

There are different baby carriers that you can use to carry your baby around in a fashionable and comfortable manner and that is through baby wraps. There are different styles of baby wraps and here we have featured the best baby wraps that you can choose if you want to wear a trendy baby wrap with you.

Boba Wrap has a simple yet stylish design that allows beginners and advanced babywearers to bring their baby anywhere in a fashionable manner. It does not require you to memorize a lot of tying steps as it is easy to set up and use. It is also easy to store in bag.

It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which make it stretchy and comfortable for you and your baby. It supports up to 35 lbs. Can only be used in front and infant hold.

Boba Wrap

The Moby Wrap is a wide piece of fabric made of 100% cotton that uses your entire back and shoulders to carry the weight of your baby. It no longer requires rings, snaps at buckles for you to use. It is easy to store, just fold it like a regular cloth and store it in your baby bag.

It can carry up to 35lbs of weight. Comes in only one size, so all care givers can share and use the wrap.

My Baby Nest is the original wrap less wrap that can be used for newborns and preemies. It can support up to 35 pound toddler. It is very versatile and allows you to wear baby in several positions. It can also be worn when nursing the baby and helps soothe the baby when it fussy by letting you hold him/her close.

It is made of ultra soft organic fine cotton. It is machine washable and dryer safe as well.
My Baby Nest

The Baby K'Tan is an innovative soft cotton baby carrier, a combination of a sling and a wrap. It is made of 100% knit cotton fabric with unique one way stretch. It can be used in multiple wearing positions for babies weighing 8-35 pounds.

It has an adjustable back support band which provides optimum back support and has a waist band that can be converted into a storage tote, thus, making it easy to store.
Baby K'Tan

Wrapsody carries three types of wraps, the Bali Breeze, the Bali Stretch and the Water Wrap.

  • The Bali Baby Breeze is made of cotton gauze, and is of lightweight, although it is not stretchy, can carry up to 35 lbs.
  • The Bali Stretch is made of t-shirt fabric that makes it stretchy and suitable for use with newborns.
  • The Water Wrap is suitable for use in water, like swimming and other water activities but is only recommended to hold up to 25 pounds.

Ellaroo Wrap is made of hand woven Guatemalan fabric, that forms around you and your baby without being too bouncy.

It has a simple design that allows babywearers to wear baby in various positions which makes it a very versatile carrier. It allows you to carry your baby on your back.

It allows you to carry your child hands-free from birth to toddler-hood.
Ellaroo Wrap