Merida Inspired Hairbow Holder

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I was looking for ways to organize my little girl's hair clips and headbands. My first project was to create a hair bow holder. And since my little girl is in love with three Disney princesses namely Rapunzel, Merida and Elsa, I decided to make a hair bow holder that looks like the dress of any of the three princesses. Looking at the stuffs I had, I finally decided to make a Merida inspired hair bow holder. And it is made of recycled materials.

Materials used:

Recycled ribbons (You can buy ribbons if your don't have any)
Cardboard for your template
recycled fabric (fabric used was knit, so it does not fray)
Glue sticks and Glue gun
Merida Inspired Hairbow Holder

1. Cut out your template in a cardboard
2. Cut out your fabric, leaving an inch larger than your template so you can glue it to your cardboard.
3. Glue in your ribbons 
4. Add felt at the back of your template to make it look clean.

Merida Inspired Hairbow Holder