Felt Christmas Decor Tutorials

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A few more weeks before Christmas a lot of home makers are already getting their homes ready for the big annual Holiday. Decorating our home cost-effectively is a great way to save money and add more personal touch to our home. Thus, creating our own decorations is the best way to go. We can even make some of these decorations together with our family to make it a bonding moment with them.

Felt is a fabric that is very easy work with using either a glue gun or a thread and needle. It is also fun to work with different colors of felt fabric. Thus creating felt fabric decorations is easy to make.

Here are some of the best and creative tutorials I have compiled and shared with you:

Christmas Ornament Tutorials

1. Chrsitmas Tree Ornaments  by craftedblog.com
2. Elf Shoes by thediydreamer.com
3. Christmas Ornaments myfantastictoys.blogspot.com
4. Nativity Ornament by whatmadeleineloves.blogspot.com
5. Fox and Deer Ornament by cutesycrafts.com
6. Felt Origami Hanging Ornaments by  pinterest.com
7. Mittens by  bhg.com
8. Easy Snow Ball Ornaments by purlbee.com
9. Snowman Ornaments by  masterclassy.ru
10. Assorted Christmas Character Ornament by drapcushions.com

Christmas Wreath Tutorials

1. Rosette Wreath by womansday.com
2. Santa Wreath by blog.thelovenerds.com
3. Wreath with felt Poinsettia urbancomfort.typepad.com
4. Scalloped Wreath by rebekahgough.blogspot.com