10 Ways to Organize Your Beads

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For crafters who like to create jewelry and other beaded crafts, storing your beads may be quite an ordeal. But if you know how to organize your beads crafting will be easy and will make your crafting time a breeze.

Here are several ways you can organize your beads:

Using Recycled Materials

Use baby food jars to store beads.
Craft rack
Photo Credit craftynest.com
Use Evian bottles to store beads.
Perler storage with Evian bottles by Badassbeadz (a good way to recycle bottles)
Photo Credit: imgur.com

Use Mason Jars and attach them to a shelf.
Might be kinda cool to do on a couple of your shelves??
Photo fromdiyconfessions.com

Use spice jars and attach them to a magnetic board.
I love this idea for so many things....jewelry, scrapbooking, spices, hair clips...the list could go on and on!!
Photo from babble.com

Using Ready Made Bead Organizer

Use clear mini storage cups.

All my beads and sequins stored! by toriejayne, via Flickr :: storage!
Photo Credit: TorieJayne.blogspot.com
Use clear storage tubes and arrange them inside a drawer.
A great way of getting my gemstones organised and visible. I'm going to need a lot of drawers though.
Photo Credit: bhg.com

Use Custom Made Drawers with Division

Create a custom-made bead drawer organizer.

oh if only I had someone who could build me this!..studio bead organization
Photo from flickr.com

Use a drawer with custom wooden divisions.
Bead organization in letterpress cabinet
Photo from lorelei1141.blogspot.se

Using Dollar Store Organizers

Use single storage organizers if you only have a small number of beads.
Mini Storage Organizers from Dollartree.com
Glass Cookie Jars with Metal Lids from Dollartree.com
Use multi-bead organizers if you are keeping a lot of beads.
Bead Storage Organizer Box - 4"
Bead Storage Organizer Box from Dollardays.com

Plastic Storage Box - 8.75" x 11.75" x 1.5"
Plastic Bead Storage with Dividers from Dollardays.com