DIY T-Shirt Dress Tutorials

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Tees are one of the most purchased apparel both for young and old, men and women, fashion addict or not. It is because tees can be worn in different styles, with a short or a skirt, even with pants or can even be used with pajamas when you sleep. Therefore, since a lot of people buy tees, I am sure that  they too have a lot of unused tees inside their closet. How do you make use of those? Well, you can make a lot of thing with your old t-shirts but this article will provide ways where you can re-purpose those old shirts into a dress.

There are several ways you can recycle your old t shirts and create fashionable items with it. I have compiled different tutorials on how some dresses were made out of old used shirts.

Here are some DIY kid’s dress tutorials made from old shirts:

Comfy Knit Dress Look Alike from

Two Minute Tshirt Dress from

Sweet Pea Dress by

Gameday Tshirt Dress from

The Warhol Dress from

Here are some T shirt Dresses for Women:

5 DIY Dress Tutorials from

T shirt Dress DIY from

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