Simple Duct Tape Shoe Tutorial

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There are several things you can do with a duct tape and redesigning you shoes with it is only one of the wonders you can make with it. There are actually different designs of duct tape available in the market. You can also check out on Amazon, so you can waste no time going to the art store and just let your stuff delivered to you.

Anyway, I did not buy anything for this tutorial and decided to make use of stuff I have, which is a red duct tape. I have always wanted to have a red shoe on my minute collection and was lucky to have a red duct tape at hand.

So first, I prepared the materials I will need:
Duct tape (you can choose any color you fancy)
Retractable Knife
A pair of shoe to remodel

Step 1:
Clean your shoe from dust and dirt. This will make sure that the duct tape will stick to the leather or the material of the shoe you are remodeling.

Step 2:
I removed the buckle design using a retractable knife. (This step is optional, only if your have unnecessary designs on the shoe you are about to remodel.)

Step 3:
Cut a piece of duct tape and tape it at the back portion on of the shoe. I like to cover this part first, so that in case you have two colors, you can let the first color show through before you add another duct tape at the sides.

Step 4:
Add duct tapes at the sides. Then stroke the duct tape with you hands making sure that it really sticks to your shoe.

Step 5:
Lastly add the duct tape at the front portion.

Optional: You can add different designs at the front portion of the shoe by adding ribbons or flowers or whatever you wish to add more style.

So there it is, my first duct tape shoe project. I hope to make more things with the duct tape and more crafts remodelling shoes. I think I have a number of shoe to remodel on my shoe organizer so be sure to check more shoe makeover DIY on this blog.