Stylish School Bags for Girls

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When preparing for going back to school ,you may want to make sure that you have prepared everything that you will need. One of the basic things a student should have is a good bag to stuff all their school stuffs. But how do you choose a bag?

This lens will present you different types of school bag for girls, and different bags for people of different budget. I hope you find a school bag that will fit your needs and style as well.

Hobo Bag

A hobo bag is characterized by a crescent shaped bag. It's either a handbag or a purse with a slouchy posture and come with a long strap that is carried by the shoulder. It resembles a bindle on a stick that hobos used to carry.

It's more fashionable as compared to the dull backpack. You can choose a large hobo bag to stuff a lot of thing inside too.

Since you will be carrying the bag on your shoulder, it would all the pressure on one side of your body, thus it may lead to a bad posture.

Hobo Bags for Different Budget

Bags from left to right
1st row
1. Large Vitalio ''Amber'' Hobo ($44.95)
2. Rebecca Minkoff Women's Nikki Large Hobo ($346.50)
3. Belted Hobo Handbag ($39.95)

2nd row
4. BIG BUDDHA Courtney Hobo ($94.95)
5. Julie Apple Hardworkin' Hobo ($76.00)
6. Anuschka 433 Hobo ($189.95)

3rd row
7. KATHY Van Zeeland Dream Catcher Hobo ($90.09)
8. Coach Soho Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag Purse Tote 17092 Raspberry ($289.99)
9. Bohemian Embroidered Ripped Razor Cut Sling Purse Handbag and Backpack ($34.99)
10. Simple Classic Everyday Hobo/Handbag - Colors Available ($29.99)

Satchel Bags

Satchel bags are the ones which is used to carry mild to moderately heavy items. It is a bit like a duffel bag where there are dividers to put your stuff on. They are traditionally used for carrying books and usually look like a briefcase. The difference between a briefcase is that satchels have straps and is usually soft-sided.

It can be loaded with a lot of school stuffs as compared to a backpack. You can either carry it by hand or by your shoulder.
 Since it has straps which can be worn on your shoulder, heavy loads can give you a bad posture too.

Satchel Bags for Different Budget

Bags from left to right

1st Row
1. Kate Spade New York Gold Coast Elizabeth Satchel ($398)
2. Ostrich & Crocodile Pattern Key Lock Accent Satchel Shoulder Handbag ($39.99)
3. ROLANDA- Large Italian Leather Satchel ($159)

2nd Row
4. BRADLEY Dual Tone Brown Doctor Style Double Handle Satchel Handbag Purse Hobo Tote Bag w/Shoulder Strap($29.99)
5. MATANA Trendy PU Patent Leather Top Double Handle Doctor Style Tote Purse Satchel Handbag Shoulder Bag($32.50)
6. Baggallini Berlin Bag ($99.95)

Tote Bags

A tote bag is commonly made out of canvas or cloth and comes with a long strap that is commonly carried over the shoulder. A lot of people use it to carry many items such as cosmetics, tools, books and even beach wear. They are basically open bags and usually have one compartment. They are very durable and is usually used for heavy duty purpose.

Since it's very durable you can carry a lot of school items with it. There are a lot of fashionable designs to choose from and looks very girly.

It is carried on your shoulders, and if you are carrying heavy loads, it will cause improper posture.

Tote Bags for Different Budget


A backpack is the most commonly used school bag for students of all ages because it holds a lot of things inside, is durable and lessens damage to your posture since it equally distributes the weight in your body.

Is the perfect choice for little girls in school age. Can hold a lot of school stuff inside. It is also durable and comes in different fabrics.

Doesn't look to fashionable especially for teenage and college girls. Access to stuff inside the bag in not as easy as compared to a messenger bag or a shoulder bag. An easy target for pickpockets.

Backpack Bags for Different Budget

Bags from left to right

1st row
1. Dakine Girls Eve Back Pack ($34.97)
2. DAKINE Girl's Jewel Pack ($41.77)

2nd row
3. High Sierra 1800-Cubic Inches Curve Daypack ($31.52)

3rd row
4. Women's Endure Backpack Bags by Under Armour ($49.99)
5. JanSport Big Student Backpack($38.61)

Messenger Bags

A messenger bag is a type of back that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest with the bag resting at the back. They used to oftenly used by bicycle messengers that delivers mail and other stuffs. It has now been a fashion icon and are also called "carryalls".

It allows easy access to contents, and can stuff a lot of school items inside. They have similar functions as the backpack as it can hold a lot of books too. It is also more stylish as compared to the backpack.

Since you carry the weight in one shoulder, it can also cause posture problems later on. It is not as fashionable as the tote or other bags.

Messenger Bags for Different Budget

Bags from left to right

1st row
1. JanSport Elefunk ($37.99)
2. Wildkin Camo Kickstart Messenger Bag ($24.99)

2nd row
3. Timbuk2 D-Lux Race Stripe Laptop Messenger Bag 2011 ($70.35)

3rd row
4. Dakine Girls Brooke Messenger Bag ($49.95)
5. Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag ($39.87)

Things to Consider When Choosing Your School Bag

Consider the things you would be bringing along with you every day. If you tend to bring a lot of stuffs to school, and put them all inside your bag, then you need a large bag.

Try to consider the types of materials used. There are different materials used for bags such as leather, canvas and others.

The style should fit your personality. There are different styles of school bags to choose from, it can also depend on the type of outfits you wear.