DIY Stamps from Common Household Objects

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Stamping is a fun activity for kids. But buying different stamps can be quite pricey, so why not make your own with materials made from objects found inside the house? There are lots of things you can find that you can use to make your own stamps. Let your imagination and creativity grow wild.

Here are some ideas to inspire you in making your own stamps:

1. DIY Cardboard Stamp from Housing a Forest
2. SimpleValentines Stamp from Housing a Forest 
3. DIY Holiday Stamps from Tatertots and Jello 
4. DIY Four Leaf Clover  by Prudent Baby 

1. Potato stamps by First Palette 
2. Lemon Stamps by Craft Gawker
3. Apple Stamps by Pauleen Anne
4. Lettuce Stamps by Housing a Forest 

DIY Holid Stamps from Tatertots and Jello

Diy Stamps from Cork and Wooden Veneer from Nicole Samuels

Diy Stamps from Art Materials by Play Based Learning

DIY Stamps from craft foam by Happiness is Homemade

Diy stamps from buttons, yarn, necklace and buttons by Everyday is a Holiday

Diy stamps from button and straws by Blissfully Domestic

Diy Stamps from Pencil eraser by Craftoart

All you need are some recycled bottle tops and some adhesive foam stickers. Simply stick the foam stickers onto the bottle top. Grab some paper and an ink pad and have fun with your new stamps!
Diy Stamps from bottle caps by Mama Jenn Blogs