Organizing Your Playroom

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The playroom is the room of both fun and chaos in the house. Why not eliminate the chaos and leave the fun? By organizing the playroom, your life would be more at peace and kids would be enjoying their toys and their play time even more.

But organizing the play room is a big challenge. It is also an overwhelming task for some. So here are some of the best ideas I've gathered to help you in and inspire you in organizing your children's playroom.

1. Use Labels

Using labels to label your toy bins or boxes are very effective in organizing your play room. Be creative in putting labels, you can use different media in creating labels such as chalk paint, stickers, keychains, and more.

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2. Use Shelves with Bins

Shelves are very functional and can be a great storage solution for your kids' playroom. They are not only useful for storing books but partner them with bins to make them more efficient.

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3. Classify Toys

You have to classify toys either according to type, size, function or color. Put stuffed toys together, put building blocks in one box, art and craft supplies should also be separated from other toys. It would also be nice to put all balls and outdoor toys in one place, separated from toys played inside the house.

Below are some ideas to help you and inspire you in classifying toys.

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4. Minimize Clutter

It is nice to have lots of toys but having enough will keep you sane. You can put away toys that are rarely being played with, donate them, give them away, sell them or simply put them away for a few months.

You can also store the toys that the older kid no longer plays with and then let them out when your younger child is old enough to play with them.

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5. Maximize Space

Use all available space especially if you have minimal space for toy storage. You choose to use the space under the bed, behind doors, and use the walls as well. Make use of both vertical and horizontal space, but make sure that they don't look so cramped or aesthetic quality may be lost.

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3. wall book display
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6. Activity Table

It is essential to have an activity table so that the children will have a specific area where they can do specific play activities. This will help minimize clutter because children like to play everywhere, let them play in one area where they can do different activities to keep them busy.

There are different activity tables you may want to have, depending on your children's age. Sensory activit tables are more apt for toddlers, Lego activity tables are more apt for children six years and older.

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7. Display Art

Make the children proud of their artwork, provide a specific part of the playroom to display their artwork so they don't lie just anywhere around the house. below are some creative ways to display the children's artwork.

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8. Use Multipurpose Storage

Multi-function storage or multi-purpose furniture can also help in making their room play room organized. You can make use of storage ottoman which serves as a seating furniture and storage furniture as well. You can also use an activity table with lots of built-in storage. You can also make use of toy boxes that can be used as a bench. There are also easels that also serves as a table. There are lots of multi-purpose furniture in the market, purchase the ones that will suit your needs.

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